What To Expect When You Get Your First Massage

First time getting a massage? You’ll probably be nervous, unsure of what to expect, and perhaps even intimidated about being partially unclothed in front of someone else for an extended period of time. But don’t worry — your first massage will be one of the most relaxing, rejuvenating experiences you’ve ever had! Here are the five most important things to know about what to expect when you get your first massage.

Before Getting the Massage

Before you get your first massage, there are some things you should know and prepare for. For starters, before the massage starts, it is important to completely fill in your intake form. This will tell the therapist what you’re looking for in terms of pressure and if there are any medical conditions or injuries that you have that the therapist needs to be aware of. If you have any concerns about getting a specific type of massage (such as Shiatsu), tell them before they start so they can adjust their technique accordingly.

During the Massage

The therapist will ask you to undress to your comfort level and lie face down on the table while they give you a few minutes to get comfortable. They may start by applying a light oil or lotion to your back, shoulders, neck, and legs to help them glide over your skin more easily. If you’re feeling tense in any of those areas, they’ll find knots and work out the tension with their hands or with elbow/kneading/rolling motions and stretching techniques. They might move onto your arms and feet before circling back up through the thighs and buttocks.

After the Massage

It’s not uncommon to have some soreness in your muscles after a massage, so make sure to drink plenty of water and take it easy the first day or two. It’s also normal to feel sleepy, and you should be able to fall asleep without much difficulty. You should experience some relief from pain and tension as well as a sense of relaxation immediately following a session.

If you’re concerned about feeling dizzy or lightheaded after your massage, it may be an indication that you’re dehydrated. Make sure to drink lots of fluids for the next few hours.

How Do I Find a Therapist?

If this is your first time getting a massage and are unsure of what therapist to book with, speak with a Sales Associate on the phone. They can recommend a therapist that fits your needs. If you have any particular physical issues that need addressing, such as chronic back pain, then make sure you mention them to your therapist before booking an appointment so that they are prepared for your specific needs.

How Often Should I Go?

It is recommended to get a massage at least once a month. It’s difficult to say exactly how often you should go because it depends on your needs and the type of massage you get. Your therapist will recommend when they would like to see you next at the end of your session.